Happy New Year!!!

1:49 PM

Happy New Year's!!!

Some fun new year's links.:

Compai's 11 Resolutions for 2011.

IloveMemphis's exclusively Memphis-themed Resolutions.

I love this.  A list of resolutions involving the things you LOVE about yourself instead of the things you want to change.  Keep practicing the good habits and remember what you love about yourself!

I wish I had found this before now so that I could use this recipe for tonight :) YUM!

Joey and I are chilling out at the house playing board games with friends, drinking, and having a good time.  I'm excited about having a low-key New Year's.  However, if I were going to a New Year's party, then I would love to be rocking these awesome shoes with this awesome dress.

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope you all have a fabulous night bringing in 2011.  Be safe, be merry, be glad for a new year!  Love you all!

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