Home for the Holidays!

12:25 PM

Happy Weekend, everyone!  The Holidays are upon us and family and friends are slowly trickling into town :)  Lindsey and Gus are home until after Christmas, which guarantees an entire week of family fun (I'll be sure to have my camera on me), and  I know some of my friends are coming in town as well, and I can't wait to see them either!

I got my hair cut today!!! What do you think?  I love it!!!

I was silly to think that my busy time ended after I finished my thesis, because now I have to get started on artwork for the Graduate Art Show.  However, that means I'll be working on artwork and will have work-in-progress to post occasionally; so that's exciting.  Wish me luck on getting done what I need to get done within the next two weeks!  In fact, today I'm making a scheduled to-do list... hmmmm, we shall see how many "do's" get crossed off.

So, what are your plans for the weekend/week?  Joey and I are going to my friend Kelly's Christmas Party tonight, which I'm pretty excited about.  It'll be nice to hang out with friends and relax and enjoy the season.  I'm making more hard cider for the occasion and need to round up some holiday attire for the festivities.

And, since I've been collecting links, but took a hiatus for a bit, here are some fun places to visit from around the Internet:

First off, if you haven't checked it out via links through facebook, then check out my friend Amy's blog, memphisupbeat.com, which is a collaborative effort made by she and a group of wonderful people from within the community who have made it their goal to highlight the positive teachers, students, events, programs, etc. that are happening within Memphis's public education system.  I was lucky enough to have Amy visit one of my classes.  Afterwards, she put up an amazing post about how the lesson unfolded.

This makes me want to get active...

This story had me rolling on the floor!  Thanks, Todd!

Homemade edible gift ideas...

I want to do this with my kids at school.  In fact, I want to do this by myself, as well!

Pretty, pretty!

I'm loving these posters!


And, ladies, for those days when you need a little style inspiration, check this website out!

So, I am hoping that everyone's last month of the year is going well and that your staying warm and cozy.  I'm excited to have more time to work on projects as well as keep you up to date on them via Underbite.  So, with that said, I will see you soon!

Love to all!

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