10:02 PM

To the woman whose soft, warm hands I will miss so much, but with closed eyes, I will always feel -

Thank you for hoarding countless empty bottles of what used to be random assortments of various products... who knew that empty tide, dial, aspirin, hell, I can't even remember which other bottles, could equal hours, excuse me, years, of entertainment to us.
Thank you for teaching us that kitchen utensils, when used properly, are not really used for stirring vegetables into the proper temperature or scraping the last remnants of recipe into the pan, but are instead intended for digging for treasure or for architectural digs in the sand; of course!
Thank you for all of the magical buttons and putt putt tokens (or wherever they came from) that bought me a world beyond the real.
Thank you for making time without objects feel so exciting... counting toes, patty-cake, learning how the farmer rides his horse, and other games that would otherwise seem so childish and silly where never so thrilling as when you performed them.
I freeze my old bread like you did... for the ducks... even if I don't have any actual plans to go feed any ducks, I know that it'll be good for feeding ducks when and if the moment presents itself.
Thank you for giving the world so many giggles, showing everyone around you how a proper giggle should be giggled.
For demonstrating the importance of using both sun-tan lotion as well as washing your face and using lotion afterwards every night.  Your good looks were a testament to this.  I still haven't quite latched on to that habit because of laziness, but it's a habit I know that I would benefit from.
At the moment I can't remember the name of the lotion you used, but I know that, in the future, whenever I suddenly stumble upon it, happiness is guaranteed to wash over me like a tidal wave.  I look forward to that instant when my nose is reunited with that scent.
For your love of Bloody Mary's, a taste that you didn't directly hand down to me, but that I can definitely link as a trait I received from you - thank you, a million times, because for those that don't understand, they have no idea what they're missing!
And for Hoppin' John, and many other meals that were entirely too spicy for any human to ingest...
For all of these things and all that they meant to me - thank you.
My heart celebrates you and your love.
For these gifts and so many more, thank you, and I love you.

For now and for always,

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