Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

12:20 PM

Congratulations, everyone, we made it to the long Labor Day weekend!  Sorry this is coming on Sunday instead of the start of the weekend, but oh well, even when you think you're going to have more time with an extra day in the weekend, that really means less time.  It's a beautiful weekend, with the perfect taste of fall inching closer in the air.  I'm hoping to relax and enjoy myself for a short bit while having a short list of "to do's" checked off by next week:

  1. Finish my sketchbook; turn it in
  2. Clean up my introduction to my thesis and work on other sections of my thesis
  3. Get my lesson plans ready for the week
  4. Clean up the house a bit
  5. Work on some Christmas presents (yes, Christmas presents... something I don't want to be worrying about when crunch-time for my thesis paper rolls around)

It's been awesome working on my sketchbook and feeling that intoxicating flow that comes with producing art.  All I have to say is, "Damn, it's  been absolutely WAY too long since I've had that feeling and shame on me for neglecting it."  All too often I get dragged under the procrastination train simply because I feel and I am aware that I'm busy with work and all of its obligations, graduate school, married life, and then my social life.  Well it is a busy life, but it's no excuse to not make time for what I really enjoy doing and what I would really enjoy doing for the rest of my life.  So, that's that, I'm now pointing myself to the "think about it" chair in order to get my routine and my priorities arranged in such way to be more productive.

Yesterday was a ton of fun.  My family and I all met up down in Oxford, MS for their first football game of the year.  It's been a loooong time since I've been to a football game, so I'd forgotten the sense of community, pride, and spirit that comes with being at a big university like Ole' Miss.  It was fun to people watch and to participate in tailgating.  I have to admit, it was a bit overwhelming at times, but it was great to have the day with my family.  By the end of the day I was beat and fell into bed like a brick.  I don't know how the town gets up and spends the day in the grove, watches an entire football game, goes back to the grove, and then goes out on the square for dinner and then later to party on game day's that they win!  Whew, apparently I just can't hang with the the rebel fans.

Unfortunately. like an idiot, I broke rule #1 of being a photographer.  Rule #:  Always have film and/or a memory card to actually shoot photo's with.  So, I don't have any documentation of the day except for what Blake took which I'm hoping to borrow from him.  So, I'll hopefully have some pictures up later.

Meanwhile, I was going to give you a sneak peek of my sketchbook and then show you some cool findings from around the web.  Enjoy!

If you want to see more, then you can go to the exhibit for Project Sketchbook, or you can wait when I get it back and flip through it then.  Scratch that, just come to the Project Sketchbook exhibit if you can, and if not, I'll just make a post about it.  :)

For your browsing pleasure, check out this CRAZY AMAZING trip to a tea house in China!!!

A cool way to shelve your books while bringing nature indoors.  Not that I think he cared much about interior design, but I'm sure Henry David Thoreau would have liked having this in his house.

Love these tights.

And, speaking of fashion, I love this store and this store's new fall line, although, I can't really afford either.  That's why we love thrift stores and a little ingenuity on the sewing machine!!!

These tattoos are lots of fun, especially the painterly one's.

Lovely to look at.

Enjoy your labor day, talk to you soon!

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