Weekend Love

8:34 AM

Alright, it's official... I'm a flaky procrastinator.  I don't have the post I promised for you today, but you know, it's the weekend and it's been a busy week, so we'll deal.

I'm just going to knock you dead with the preciousness of this photo.  I took it from this website after looking at baby animal photos on google search.  Yeah, maybe I'm lame, but sometimes you need a little animal cuteness to brighten your day.

I've decided to chop my posts down to only twice a week until I'm finished with my thesis... so, that's in December.  I love having a deadline for Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's, it gives me a bit of a routine to stick to, but I'm going to be needing all the thesis time I can get, and it's becoming slowly harder for me to stick to that routine, so, I'm opening up more time for myself.

Onto fun things for the weekend!!!

First off, my good buddy, Emily, shared this with me, and I don't believe I've ever seen anything quite so precious...LOVE!

Summer's just about over, but check out these AMAZING bikinis!

Fall is inching closer, which means Halloween is just around the corner.  Are YOU ready?  If not, you may want to check out this seller on etsy.  I do believe I might wear one of these just on a normal day.

I love this entire house and it's decor, but more specifically, I LOVE and want to create a peg-board frame, like this house's, for my kitchen.

These two "before" and "after's" are sheer genius!

Here's a DIY wreath made of book pages that would be good for any time of the year.

I love this "Seasonal Produce Calendar".

Imagine having this for lunch on a rainy day while curled up on the couch with a book and no other responsibilities.  Yes... that's what heaven is like.

One of my favorite clothing designers on etsy.  And also, don't miss the chance to meet some of your local etsy artisans here!

And, last but not least, check out this awesome birthday cake.  Fun, fun!!

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