Birthday Week!

4:15 PM

September is always bustling with birthdays it seems like, so this is going to be a birthday shout out post for all of those birthday's!

Birthday Bowling, What, WHAT?

On Sept. 2nd, 1920, my grandmother, Irene Farris Travis a.k.a. Mimi, was born.  She turned 90 a couple of weeks ago and did it with grace.  She is smart, funny, and movin' and groovin' every day.  Way to show old age how it's done, Mimi!!!

Mimi and a passed out Gusbuster.

My two cousins Madison and Mabree and their grandfather, my Uncle Scottie, all shared birthdays this month as well.  They're a beautiful bunch who have way too much talent for their own good.  Seriously, they're talented in everything from singing/songwriting, to dancing and cheerleading.  Ladies and Uncle Scottie,  I hope your birthdays were utterly delightful!

Three of my dearest friends, Audrey, Lauren, and Katie B. also shared birthday's this month (except Audrey, whose birthday was the 24th of August, but close enough).  Audrey's finishing up vet school down in Auburn and has done it with a style and finesse that no one else has yet to achieve, Lauren's getting down and dirty on the farm while attending vet school in Dublin, and Katie, whose birthday is actually today, is going the homo sapien route and attending Med school over in East TN (ETSU). Yes, if you must ask, all of my friends are brilliant.  Ladies, you are beautiful, talented, and so intelligent, I am so lucky to have friends like you and I can't imagine not having you in my life.  I hope your birthdays rocked!

Tomorrow is my birthday.  So, since it's on a tuesday, we treated this weekend as my birthday weekend, and I have to say, it was wonderful and much needed.  I got to spend Saturday with my buddies Angela and Dani exploring the COOLEST thrift store in the city of Memphis, the Elvis Presley Blvd. thrift store.  Still don't know why I hadn't ever been, so thanks Angela and Dani for taking me!  Then, we dominated India Palace's buffet (Joey joined us for this amazing feast).  Joey and I went home to relax, and then we went and checked out the Horn Island exhibit at MCA, went to dinner at Bennihana's (delicious!), and then went bowling with our friends Garre, Greg, Katherine, and Paul.  Cosmic bowling and beer... great combo.  I even scored the highest game (153) but have no memory of doing so if that tells you anything.  On Sunday, we relaxed and then hung out with my parents who grilled a delicious birthday kabob dinner complete with birthday cake!

So, I don't deserve the AMAZING gifts that I got for my birthday, however, they were AWESOME, so I'm going to share them with you.

The EELS, one of my favorite bands since High School are playing up in Chicago, so Joey got me tickets to the concert and everyone pitched in and got me train tickets (Joey covered his own ticket so I won't be going solo) to ride up their for the weekend!!!  I am so stoked, you don't even know.  My mom also got me two tickets to Wicked, so we have a date to go see that in October as well!  I've heard it's great, so I can't wait to experience it.  I'll definitely put a post up about our Chicago trip after we go up there, as well as a post on Wicked, and for your listening pleasure, The Eels.  Thank you to everyone who made my weekend wonderful!!!

Have a great Monday!

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