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Hello, everyone.  Apologies for the week-long absence.  No excuses, just tired.  Just like Darla and Joey up there, I'm in need of a nap; or, to be more specific, my brain needs a nap.  The wine helps sometimes, but I don't want to become a drunk, so, I'm simply finding little bitty things and ways to chill and stay positive.  Let me share...

*A warning:  If you would rather not here me ramble or bitch, just skip on pass this part.  I understand not wanting to hear it, but mostly it's for me to puke out and feel better afterwards...
So, my recent issues have stemmed mainly from a brain overload.  If my brain were a computer, and I don't mean this in a self-deprecating way, it would be something like my old computer from the early 90's that just didn't have enough memory.  While my physical workout routine has suffered tremendously as of late, my mental workout routine is training for a marathon.  My response to my efforts in keeping up with marathon training is, "When the hell did I ever say I wanted to be an ADULT"?  Last I checked, I deliberately decided find some kind of loop hole there!  When I'm driving from one side of town to the complete opposite for a meeting with the days struggles of behavior and work issues buzzing around my skull, I'm usually also attempting to visualize the list of errands that have to be made by 4:30-5 when everything "official" closes.  Then, upon getting home, I'm met by stir-crazy animals that need love and play-time that I lack the energy to give.  I just turned 26... WHY do I lack the energy?  On top of that, it has been recommended to my graduate class that we spend at least 2 hours a day working on researching and writing our thesis.  Ok, but what about the lesson plans that I need to do at home because my planning periods at school are either NOT there or they don't mean JACK because they've been replaced by morning, hall, cafeteria, AND bus duty, not to mention time actually organizing and keeping the room clean. Forget extra-curricular things I can do with the kids, like Art Club... I CAN'T fit it in!  

There's the constant black cloud that looms over the heads of every teacher that keeps assuming that we're what's failing the children.  This cloud keeps growing and demanding more, finding that scores from standardized tests point to failure in the classroom.  The teachers are bad and so the expectations become more dense, convoluted, and keep us busier. Assessments, audits, walk-throughs seem to be more and more present, which wouldn't be a bad thing, except for the fact that everyone's looking for someone to point the blame. --  (insert muffled scream into pillow) 

Whew, alright.  That feels a bit better.  Things are really not so bad, I'm just not very good about staying organized enough to gracefully move my responsibilities of the day from one point to the next.  It's also been hard because my week at school each week has consistently been like repeatedly being dunked alternately between hot and ice cold water.  The good days are great and help to remind me why I do what I do and then the bad days make me want to put a power drill to my head.  My question to everyone else out there is this: Is this normal?  And if so, when do you get accustomed to it?
*Rant finished.

*On to the happy thoughts

My 10 fun ways to staying positive when I'm feeling a bit grumpy.
  1. Do a favor for yourself at least once a day.
  2. If time allows, find a cute photograph of an animal and create funny dialogue with it.
  3. Find something fun to sing in your head while you work:

     4.  Hug and love as often as possible.  
     5.  Get out of your work clothes ASAP and for GOD's sake, take off that work tag and hang it up where it goes.
     6.  If you can't find that hug anywhere, find a photograph of hedgehog babies... it works.
     7.  Wear the colors that you feel like feeling.
     8.  Find something so cute to look at that it blows your mind!!!
     9.  A little retail therapy doesn't hurt once in a blue moon...
     10. Re-organize your closet?  Hey, it made me feel better!

I had a stack of fiesta boxes that I refused to throw away or recycle because they're GREAT boxes.

So, I cut off the front side of them...

and found a use for them.   Shoe rack!

And then I organized and color-coded my closet.  I was inspired by this post.

So, I know this has been a long post, but since I'm going to be in CHICAGO this weekend (something to definitely help me get through the week!), I won't be posting on Friday.  So, enjoy this one last amazing video and I hope the rest of your week goes well and have a wonderful weekend!

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

I love seeing parents involved with their kids education and exploration of the world!  Isn't this a great idea!  Kudos to that family!

Love to all and thanks for listening!

P.S. - I meant to give a shout out to ALL mother's and father's out there who work on top of being a full-time parent, cause god knows you guys deserve a medal.  I don't know how you do it.  Is it fairy dust?

P.P.S. - How friggin' precious is my husband and my dear little Darla?

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